Entertainment through action

AFA was …

As the title suggests, we’ve been to a few places. It’s been a very fruitful past few months for the whole lot of us. We’ve managed to get a lot more organized, established a sense of professional practice and made good connections with our fellows peers in the media industry. Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s been on our plate.27th August 2010

Cubik’s Gala Premiere

Val’s friend and fellow NYU Tisch alumni Stefan Fanthome made a film titled Cubik. It’s travelled the world and won numerous awards overseas including some in Hollywood! Finally, Cubik has made it back to Singapore. Immerse yourself in the world of Cubik here : cubikthemovie.com.

Cathay's hall getting ready for CUBIK!

The Gala itself was extremely entertaining with a martial arts demonstration, elegantly sexy catwalk fashion show and to top it off a very exciting auction at the end.

The thing that made this gala very different from the others was mainly the logistics involved. It was held on a friday night, which meant that almost all the invited guests could make it thus ensuring a full house during the screening. Secondly, having booked out SILK a brand new club in orchard for the event made a lot of audience members including ourselves feel special and it added a touch of exclusiveness.

For the team at AFA, the whole event proved to be a night of new connections and also the start of something big.

At the after party at the posh SILK club a surprise birthday celebration was thrown for Val. Talk about double whammy. Poor guy had to drink. A lot. Amidst the fun and laughter, Daniel Milton brought up his idea to Stefan, who according to Daniel would love to sit and talk more about it’s development! Voila! A sign of greater things to come.

9th September 2010

Launch 2


Singapore’s premiere networking mixer for creatives in the media industry. For Val this was his second time attending Launch. But for Daniel Milton it was his first. Launch 2 was so much better than the first one for a few reasons.

1) It was held on the eve of a public holiday

2) It was held in a much bigger club , Forbidden city

3) It focused a lot more on the networking

The AFA boys had a blast having drinks, cracking jokes and even dropping hints on their latest in house production which got a lot of tongues wagging. It’s just our way of being a tease 😉 But in all seriousness we made valuable new contacts who share the same passion as us. With that being said and done, the night ended off with an after party at the venue which further escalated to the club next door which so happen to be Attica.

Now that the smoke has settled, we’re back in the dojo training, conceptualizing and doing a lot of planning for our up and coming short.

Get ready for our knock out punch people!


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