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AFA was …

As the title suggests, we’ve been to a few places. It’s been a very fruitful past few months for the whole lot of us. We’ve managed to get a lot more organized, established a sense of professional practice and made good connections with our fellows peers in the media industry. Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s been on our plate. (more…)


Coming soon …

AFA has grown and seen some great changes in the past few months. With the home coming of Daniel Milton, the premiere of Steadfast we’re seeing more projects coming along our way. (more…)

A nutshellreview checks out steadfast.

A nutshellreview, Singapore’s #1 movie review blog covers Dilated from FPS UCLA and Steadfast from FPS Singapore.

Here’s what they have to say : NutshellReview doublebill

PS : Much thanks for putting the AFA link up too, you guys rock! Keep up the hard and good work guys!

Workshop with Byung Gil Jung of Action Boys

It is not everyday that you get to wake up to an invitation to help co-facilitate a workshop with an international action director and ex korean stuntman. The boys at AFA were lucky and blessed to have been given that chance, find out what they thought. (more…)