Entertainment through action

Coming soon …

AFA has grown and seen some great changes in the past few months. With the home coming of Daniel Milton, the premiere of Steadfast we’re seeing more projects coming along our way.

Having been in this business for awhile and having a dynamic team with varied disciplines both artistic and technical in the team, we’re looking to pushing the envelope with our skills and know how.

The chance to work with other talented and creative individuals over the span of numerous projects have given us better insight to the flow and intricacies of what makes a good story. We’re excited to announce that AFA is working on our way in house project.

That’s right, written, produced, directed and starring us in it, from conceptualization to completion we’re taking the helm in the form of a short action thriller piece . We’re aiming to leave a mark and set the bar once again to what action and film making in Singapore can be about. Check this space for regular updates.


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