Entertainment through action

The Crew

Edwin executing a knee thrust

As a child, Edwin was an avid lover of action flicks. From the eastern prowess of Jet Li and Jackie Chan, to the western thrillers of Steven Segal and Chuck Norris, these films never fail to amaze him. In fact, he would attempt the moves he sees on screen immediately after watching it. With a good memory, he would be able to perform those moves step by step.

Later on in his life, he decided to take up martial arts instead of just learning from movies. He went to various schools to improve himself, as well as did research on his own in the library, internet and various sources. Currently, he is interested in action choreography and will do breakdowns of action sequences whenever he sees one. Donnie Yen is his idol, and he hopes to emulate his success as being both a good action director as well as being a good actor in fights.

Find out more about him here: The highlight show

Val says cheese!

As a kid, Val loved watching action films. Back in the day, his idol was Jean Claude Van dam. He would spent countless hours in front of the television watching cheesy b grade action films. Being the eager beaver that he was, he would beg his parents to rent or in some cases even buy the latest VHS releases of Van dam’s films.

One day after putting a huge pillow underneath his shirt behind him and successfully executing a backspin like his favorite heroes the ninja turtles, Val took his love for action a step further. He began training in martial arts at the age of 14. His first art was ninja do. Two to three years later, he picked up gymnastics along with parkour.

Today Val has made a career as an actor. He is in the process of learning to be a certified life and performance coach and trains in parkour regularly.

Find out more about him here : Val’s reel life

Ray Royal

Ray royal

When Ray Royal was 8 his parents sign him up for martial arts classes.His dad influenced him to watch action films.Being an avid fan of  Jackie Chan & Jet Li, Ray’s father would drag him down to watch it with him. This was the catalyst that started Ray Royal’s love for action and fighting films.

Ray became engrossed and impressed by the moves he saw on screen. To him they looked fluid, creative, fast and very beautiful.In his free time he would try to re enact the moves he saw on screen and infuse some of his own moves that he acquired through his martial arts training.

When Ray was older, he took up gymnastics to improve his agility, strength and fitness so that he could use these newly acquired skills to perform in the future. Using the knowledge and after getting much better at gymnastics, Ray combined what he had learnt from wushu and gymnastics and went on to represent the Singapore wushu team in a live performance in the Singapore Indoor stadium.

He is currently still training and learning new skills in order to become an action director/choreographer with his buddies Edwin and Val.

Daniel "the monster" milton

Daniel first picked up the camera seriously when he looked to take photos at a karate tournament. After coming back with blurred negatives, he asked his photography teacher what would help him get better pictures.

“Understand the sport better.”

With that advice in mind he went on to train extensively in mixed martial arts under the tutelage of Chris de Wet and got proficient in the martial arts.

Having done a diploma in Film sound and Video in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and just having recently completed his degree in commercial photography from RMIT in Melbourne late 2009, he is now back in Singapore working together with AFA to make a mark that will be felt regionally and globally.

Having worked with the stunt crew responsible for SPL and Flashpoint as well as John Foo for his role in Tom Yum Goong. With his experiences in film, photography and the martial arts, he is excited to be a mover in the action film scene in Singapore. Read more about him at: miltonmonster’s blog


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