Entertainment through action


Inspired by the works of commercial and independent action films from all over the world, a group of enthusiasts from Singapore got together to embark on a mission to put the ” Wham!” “Bam!” “Pow!” back into action films from Singapore.

The group is made up of different individuals who come from very different and interesting backgrounds. Martial artists, actors, Gymnasts, Traceurs and even fitness consultants are a few of the talented, enthusiastic and passionate people who make up Action film artistes or AFA for short. Although they hail from different background, the one thing that binds them is their love for action films.

What started off as a hobby group of sorts that would meet every sunday to train together and just fool around by experimenting on new stunts has now evolved into an entity that strives for perfection through choreography, co-ordination, creating highly entertaining action films and live performances.

Welcome to the world of the Action Film Artistes!

In this blog you will get to see interviews, behind the scenes training footage, personal insights, self-created videos and everything else related to action films. Grab a bucket of popcorn if you have to. If not sit back relax and enjoy browsing!

Ray royal, Edwin tan and Val senan


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