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A nutshellreview checks out steadfast.

A nutshellreview, Singapore’s #1 movie review blog covers Dilated from FPS UCLA and Steadfast from FPS Singapore.

Here’s what they have to say : NutshellReview doublebill

PS : Much thanks for putting the AFA link up too, you guys rock! Keep up the hard and good work guys!


Workshop with Byung Gil Jung of Action Boys

It is not everyday that you get to wake up to an invitation to help co-facilitate a workshop with an international action director and ex korean stuntman. The boys at AFA were lucky and blessed to have been given that chance, find out what they thought. (more…)

AFA, makes a historical impact!

Who would have thought that playing make-believe would get us this far!  Lets be honest here, the first thing your parents would do when you mention that you want to be in movies when you grow up would be to either smack you real hard to get some sense through your thick skull or, just ignore you. We at AFA were not spared from this treatment either, however there was something that made us hold on tightly to our dreams. (more…)

On set with JD chua

When I met JD, I was under the impression it would be a simple shot. Basically a simple act of running around while being chased. However, it seems that there was more than it meets the eye. I was doing a simple cop chasing thief across the road scene, where a car is supposed to go by after I dashed across the road. All was well in the first few takes.Then came this fateful take, where I checked the road was clear and dashed out onto the road.

Next thing I know, to my left, a car was speeding towards me. I knew for sure I was going to get hit but how was I to lessen the damage. Counting on my martial arts background for my quick thinking and reflexes, I decided to take the hit and slide under the car. It was nothing short of a miracle. I escaped unscathed except but a couple of cuts and bruises. In fact, I was able to run after that.

Working with JD was an enjoyable experience. He knew what he wanted and gave me the freedom to express myself. Also, he was pretty concerned when I got knocked down by the car. It isn’t everyday that you get to work with a good director. Getting knocked down by a car was an experience in itself too. Not exactly what I expected for being an action choreographer, but it’s this kind of experiences that make us grow as a person. Safety sure will be a concern to take note of in future.