Entertainment through action

AFA, makes a historical impact!

Who would have thought that playing make-believe would get us this far!  Lets be honest here, the first thing your parents would do when you mention that you want to be in movies when you grow up would be to either smack you real hard to get some sense through your thick skull or, just ignore you. We at AFA were not spared from this treatment either, however there was something that made us hold on tightly to our dreams.On July 6th 2010, Steadfast was shown at the Cathay in Singapore. This was indeed a good platform for independent local action films to be recognized by the commercial market. Steadfast, was made under very very tight constraints. With a measly budget and make shift props, the two directors Linus Chen and David Liu braved the odds and created a one of a kind Singaporean made action film. To find out more about steadfast click here : Steadfast film.

We at AFA are proud to have been chosen to work with this amazing team of passionate individuals to create a new milestone in the history of Singapore cinema. AFA played a vital role in training up the two actors for their 10 MINUTE FIGHT and choreographing the movements. We spent a total of 2 months training the two actors and planning out the routine with them. Even though they were not professional actors, their passion and enthusiasm inspired us to help them to push past their own personal boundaries. And push past them they did. Bare in mind that, between the two actors only one of them was trained in judo whilst the other one had no martial art experience what so ever. There were a lot of bruises, bumps and the occasional cut lip but overall everyone enjoyed themselves and there was a good sense of camaraderie between our team and the two actors. So much so that the actor who has never trained in martial arts, went on to train in Muay Thai as he claimed that we inspired him to get into shape and train!

Here’s a short sample during one of their practice sessions. A longer one is being compiled so watch for it!


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